I am such a shopaholic today (only today?) and just can’t stop buying stuff! I first bought the Bleach Blu-ray movie. Then I suddenly found that there are several DVDs on sale. The original price is like 25 USD, but the sale price is like 3 or 4 USD! So I can’t resist it and bought a couple more.

Then, as if I am totally addicted, I get all so nostalgic and find links to AnimeNation and Anime ‘n’ Games, sites that I frequented about 5 or 6 years ago. Almost bought a 7-inch Byakuya figure from the latter site, fortunately a few clicks more I found a better deal, which offers 19 USD free shipping! I also found a Renji figure from the same series, and it is even cheaper, priced at 16 USD free shipping!

I think the figures look great at a reasonable price. The only thing is that they have significantly lowered the speed of free shipping. Now it takes about 5 to 8 business days for items to arrive, which, for hardcore fans, is like forever. (>.<) But I don’t like paying 10 bucks more for two day shipping, so guess I will just have to be patient. 😀


Bleach and Naruto

I stumbled upon this aesthetically stunning picture, featuring Renji, Ichigo, Tooshiroo, Ikkaku, Sado, and Ishida. This is really visually catchy, and I am glad that in this illustration the 14cm difference in height between Renji and Ichigo is now discernible. See my previous post about the “height issue.”

Also, today it suddenly came to my mind to compare a few characters in Bleach and Naruto. I know this is kind of far-fetched, but I do find certain similarities. For example, my favorite characters, Renji and Naruto, share the same boldness (and sometimes humorous sexiness). They are compulsive, daring, and strong, but at the same time they cherish and pursue what they believe is right. Other characters I find similar:

1) Urahara Kisuke and Hatake Kakashi: they are both laid-back, humorous, and sexy. And in fact they are super strong (Urahara Kisuke was the captain of the 12th quad, director of technology development, whereas Hatake Kakashi was former member of ANBU, and currently one of the top Jounins in Konoha).

2) Ishida Uryuu and Uchiha Sasuke: they do not like the main characters (that is, Ichigo and Naruto) at first, but eventually learn to appreciate them. Also, both of them think about revenge all the time. Ishida Uryuu hopes to avenge his teacher/grandfather, and Uchiha Sasuke wants to avenge the collapse of the Uchiha clan and seeks to gain power in order to fight against Uchiha Itachi.

3) Kuchiki Rukia and Haruno Sakura: both are somehow useless, but ironically both are the “main character” of the series. I haven’t really seen Kuchiki Rukia doing much, except for her habits of nagging. She lacks strength, and she does not even work hard for it (albeit being part of the Kuchiki family). Same with Haruno Sakura. Before the Shippuuden story arc she is basically useless. She does not even have her own speciality, but then she is lucky enough to be trained by Tsunade (one of the Sannin). In the later volumes (post volume 30, I think), she does become stronger, but only in physical strength. She still possesses the nagging nature similar to Rukia’s, at least that’s what I feel.

(Written on December 20, 2006)

Memories of Nobody

Since the Bleach movie “Memories of Nobody” was out yesterday in Japan, I was wondering how it went. Surprisingly I stumbled across this awesome “Bleach Map” of the Tokyo city transportation system.How nice this is for Bleach fans to ride on a bus following a Bleach route!

(Written on December 17, 2006)


Here are two of my favorite pages from the Bleach Official Character Data Book SOULs. Obviously my favorite is Renji, but recently I started to like Byakuya as well. I think this occurs after listening to his touching story about his wife. He appears to be a very “faithful” husband.

As stated in my previous post, the SOULs book contains an enormous amount of information. Each character is discussed and analyzed based on strength and capabilities. I like Renji’s Bankai because it looks so great (especially on a big screen) and I find Byakuya’s Bankai so gently horrifying. Ichigo’s Bankai, although quite powerful, is a little disappointing. Zangetsu becomes totally black and thin (as if it can break anytime). Also, I find Rukia’s role in the series similar to Sakura’s in Naruto. If I have to list the most useless character in Bleach, it has to be Rukia.

(Written on December 17, 2006)


I have been thinking about writing a post in regards to the two official Bleach guide books, but have been hesitating to do so because the information they contain is enormous. Anyway, the SOULs book, with its full name being “Bleach Official Character Data Book SOULs” features more than 80 characters. By introducing them according to the order of their first appearance, it is easy to follow the storyline. Each character has a brief “bio.” I am suprirsed to find that Ichigo is only 1.74m in height! Maybe this is because Tite-sensei sometimes makes his height unrealistic. When Ichigo stands by Renji, we can tell that there is a difference, but the difference is not realistic enough. Since Renji is 1.88m, I wonder why the 14cm difference often looks as if there is only 3 or 4cm difference.

As for the VIBEs book, as its title suggests, it is the animation book. It goes by anime episodes, and has an impressive number of color pictures. Toward the end of the book, readers get to see the sketches of the main characters. In one sketch, it seems that Tite-sensei has a somewhat villain-like Renji in mind. This reminds me of my first impression of Renji. I remember when Renji first appears, I don’t really like him because I find him a little weird, just like how I feel about Naruto at first sight. It turns out that over time these two characters become my favorite. They are strong and daring, and that’s what makes them particularly appealing.

(Written on December 15, 2006)

All Colour But the Black

Today I stumbled across a very old blog written by me back in 2006. I wrote many posts regarding Bleach and Naruto, two of my favorite mangas. (*^.^*) At that time I was still a student. With very little money, I always tried very hard saving money to buy Bleach and Naruto merchandise. I still remember buying my copy of “All Colour But the Black” in this bookstore. There was yet to have an English counterpart of the book, so I bought the book imported from Japan.

While I am searching for more pictures of the book, I found this pretty cool review and the author put a video with him flipping through the book. The colors are so vivid. I fall in love with Bleach again! 😀