May the Fourth Gift with Purchase 2017


According to the Brick Fan, 30611 Lego Star Wars R2-D2 will be the May the Fourth Gift with Purchase this year. Here is the building instructions. I love R2-D2!

Update on April 3rd:
The Brick Fan reports that this year will be the end of the six year run of exclusive minifigs for the annual May the Fourth promotion. The website also provides a list of previous May the Fourth minifigs.


40252 Lego Creator Mini Volkswagen Beetle



This cute Mini Volkswagen Beetle will be available with purchase of 50 USD or more, while supplies last, April 1-15, 2017. It is a smaller version of the 10252 Volkswagen Beetle and I think it is cuter!

New Lego Sets Revealed: 75183, 60154

75183 Lego Star Wars Darth Vader Transformation
24.99 USD
I really want this set based on the unforgettable scene from Episode III. The price is reasonable and it is probably a nice way to get Darth Vader minifig.

60154 Lego City Bus Station
49.99 USD
I think the bus design is pretty cool, but the price is a bit high though there is no piece count on the box.

10255 Lego Creator Assembly Square (10th Anniversary Modular Building)



10255 Lego Creator Assembly Square (10th Anniversary Modular Building)
Year Released: 2017
Pieces: 4002
Price: 279.99
Minifigs: 8 plus a baby figure
Designed by Jamie Berard

The photos are by this detailed review at Brickset

10255 Lego Creator Assembly Square is designed by Jamie Berard, who also designed the first Modular Building, 10182 Cafe Corner, as well as 10185 Green Grocer, 10197 Fire Brigade, 10211 Grand Emporium, 10218 Pet Shop, 10243 Parisian Restaurant, 10246 Detective’s Office, and 10251 Brick Bank.

Jamie Berard is a Creator designer, and he also designed 10199 Winter Toy Shop, and famous sets such as 10214 Tower Bridge, 10234 Sydney Opera House, 10247 Ferris Wheel, and 10253 Big Ben.


I have a difficult time debating whether I should get this set first or 10243 Parisian Restaurant. I am a big fan of Paris and the inclusion of a painter’s room in the 10243 Parisian Restaurant set is very appealing to me. But eventually I decided to order the 10255 set, because I simply want to have the AFOL studio and the mini Eiffel Tower very much.

This set has 4,002 pieces and a manual with over 300 pages. The bricks are packaged in 34 plastic bags, with numbers 1 to 6:
Number 1: 3 bags (tiled baseplate)
Number 2: 7 bags (first floor of the right building: bakery, florist)
Number 3: 5 bags (first floor of the left building: cafe)
Number 4: 5 bags (second floor of the right building: dentist, photographer)
Number 5: 7 bags (second and third floors of the left building: musician, ballerina)
Number 6: 7 bags (third floor of the right building: AFOL studio, barbecue terrace)

Having built this 4,002-piece set in about 16 to 18 hours (I took my time ensuring things are nicely done), I am jotting down the pros and cons based on my own building experience:

1. 10255 Lego Creator Assembly Square is the 10th Anniversary Modular Building, and it has various elements that resonate with the previous Modular Buildings.

2. The AFOL studio: I think the most interesting part of this set is the apartment of the Adult Fan of Lego (AFOL). It is interesting for two reasons: for one, the AFOL has the 10182 Cafe Corner, the first Modular Building, also designed by Jamie Berard; for the other, even though she is busy taking care of the cute baby, her apartment is filled with Lego sets. Eiffel Tower in its adorable simplified Lego form again suggests that our eyes are constantly searching for meaning.

3. Great details: there is an amazing level of details. I really enjoyed building the piano, the coffee machine, and the camera. Also, there are nice details in the dentist’s office as well as in the bakery shop.

1. I think a major downside of this set is the corner columns of the left building (where you can pose the ballerina). They are built out of 1×1 tiny pieces. It makes the columns vulnerable and not sturdy.

2. The rooftop terrace for barbecue is my least favorite. I am not a fan of barbecue. In my opinion it would be better if that space is used as a painting area.

3. I think it would be much better to have more numbers for the plastic bags of the bricks. For 34 bags, it would be a lot easier if they are numbered to maybe 14, rather than 6.

All in all, this is an amazing set with plenty of interesting details. I enjoyed building it very much.

Update on April 3rd:
Lego released a video for the 10th Anniversary of Modular Buildings!

Ayu x Louis Vuitton

Ayu LV Bag
Ayu LV iPhone Case
Ayu LV

Palm Springs Backpack Mini
Nicolas Ghesquière gave a surprising twist to the backpack, turning a utilitarian staple into this trendy and oh-so-covetable city bag. The sweet Mini version in soft Monogram canvas sports a multi-positional strap for cross-body wear.

Eye-Trunk for iPhone 7
The Eye-Trunk for iPhone 7 in Monogram Reverse canvas seen at Louis Vuitton Fashion Show pays a tribute to the House origins as a trunk designer. More than a protective cover, this new Nicolas Ghesquière statement establishes itself as the ultimate fashionable accessory of the season.