Welcome, 2016 Holiday Season




「Magical Christmas」の世界を表現した「ラッピング店舗」を、11月15日(火)の東京ミッドタウン店を皮切りに順次展開いたします。

店舗名:セブン‐イレブン 東京ミッドタウン店

店舗名:セブン‐イレブン 博多駅前3丁目店

店舗名:セブン‐イレブン 北海道ST大通店

店舗名:セブン‐イレブン 大阪ビジネスパーク東店



Brick Friday is November 25, 2016! Exclusive snowglobe (40223) with $99 purchase or more during November 25-28 or while supplies last only.

10255 Lego Creator Assembly Square



Lego has released the pictures of the beautiful 10255 Creator Assembly Square set! It marks the 10th anniversary of the Creator modular buildings. It comes with 4002 pieces, and the price is 279.99 USD.


The big roses for the florist shop really captures my eye. It is said that the buildings resemble some of the past modular buildings.


The first floor features the square with a cute fountain, cafe with espresso machine, florist shop, and bakery shop with a big wedding cake.screen-shot-2016-10-23-at-12-43-56-pm

The second floor features a music store, a photo studio, and a dentist office. screen-shot-2016-10-23-at-12-44-10-pm

The third floor features a dance studio with a cute piano and a Lego fan’s apartment. screen-shot-2016-10-23-at-12-44-43-pm

With 4002 pieces, the 10255 set is almost as wide as two modular buildings. It has two street lamps, and the sidewalk is tiled with good detail. The release date is January 1, 2017. Can’t wait!



It’s a hive of activity down at the bustling Assembly Square. The baker is serving cupcakes to hungry customers while putting the final touches to the wedding cake, the florist is arranging colorful bouquets and the photographer is taking a portrait of a mother and her cute baby. Outside, the café barista prepares the tables, while the fountain glistens in the sunlight that highlights the delightful facade of this magnificent building. Step inside and you’ll discover a staircase leading to a well-stocked music store where you can buy a cool acoustic guitar, and a dental office where the reclining chair is so comfy you won’t even notice the friendly dentist! Continue to the next level and you can practice your moves at the dance studio, visit the LEGO fan at her model-filled apartment, or enjoy a tasty barbecue on the rooftop terrace. This amazing 10th anniversary addition to the LEGO Modular Building series is home to a multitude of stories and features a wealth of unsurpassed details and surprises!


75093 Lego Star Wars Death Star Final Duel


75093 Lego Star Wars Death Star Final Duel
Year Released: 2015
Pieces: 724
Price: 79.99
Weight: 1.24 kg
Minifigs: 5
(Includes 5 minifigures with assorted weapons: Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Emperor Palpatine and 2 Royal Guards)
Retired Product
(I checked Lego website on 03/06/2017, and it is listed as retired product.)