21050 Lego Architecture Studio


21050 Lego Architecture Studio
Year Released: 2013
Pieces: 1210
Price: 159.99
Weight: 2.72 kg

21050 Lego Architecture Studio was first released in 2013, and according to some fans, Lego made some changes and raised the price from $149.99 to $159.99 (US price). It is said that the newer version now has:
1) an orange brick separator
2) downplayed “studio” (font size made smaller)
3) thinner book, despite the same number of pages

The set includes 1210 pieces (white and transparent), sorting trays, and a 272-page book. The book does not provide step-by-step instructions like other Lego booklets; instead, it offers ideas and introduces basic concepts such as shape, space, etc. Its aim is to “release your inner architect and explore a world of endless creative possibilities.”

In my opinion, the pros and cons of this set is as follows:
1) I love the color white!
2) The book is very inspirational
3) Brick separator (lol)

1) Lacking some rarer pieces, and lacking a baseplate
2) May be kinda expensive given the number of pieces is 1210
3) Not enough sorting trays


One thought on “21050 Lego Architecture Studio

  1. I feel not enough piece count for the money which is why I have not purchased this.id like too tho.more thinking for me.

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