21050 Lego Architecture Studio


21050 Lego Architecture Studio
Year Released: 2013
Pieces: 1210
Price: 159.99
Weight: 2.72 kg

21050 Lego Architecture Studio was first released in 2013, and according to some fans, Lego made some changes and raised the price from $149.99 to $159.99 (US price). It is said that the newer version now has:
1) an orange brick separator
2) downplayed “studio” (font size made smaller)
3) thinner book, despite the same number of pages

The set includes 1210 pieces (white and transparent), sorting trays, and a 272-page book. The book does not provide step-by-step instructions like other Lego booklets; instead, it offers ideas and introduces basic concepts such as shape, space, etc. Its aim is to “release your inner architect and explore a world of endless creative possibilities.”

In my opinion, the pros and cons of this set is as follows:
1) I love the color white!
2) The book is very inspirational
3) Brick separator (lol)

1) Lacking some rarer pieces, and lacking a baseplate
2) May be kinda expensive given the number of pieces is 1210
3) Not enough sorting trays


30447 Lego Marvel Captain America’s Motorcycle


30447 Lego Marvel Captain America’s Motorcycle
Year Released: 2016
Sub-theme: Captain America: Civil War
Pieces: 25
Price: Not sure (Polybag)
Minifig: 1


With just 25 pieces, you can build Captain America’s motorcycle in minutes.


I love the design of the motorcycle and Captain America’s shield! The wheels roll smoothly and it is fun for kids to play with!

41112 Lego Friends Party Cakes


41112 Lego Friends Party Cakes
Year Released: 2016
Pieces: 50
Price: 4.99
Includes Toffee the Pug


The pieces and the booklet that gives the instructions.


I think 41112 Lego Friends Party Cakes is a cute little set that is easy and fun for children and adults to assemble.


Although it is a small set, there are many interesting details, such as the white cabinet that you can open, and the cute milk on the purple counter, etc.

The innocent look of the puppy is way too adorable. 😀

Lego VIP


Under the very good influence of my friends, I’ve become addicted to Lego and got my Lego VIP card!

The design of the VIP card is pretty cool, I must say. It uses the mini-figure to represent the letter “I.” And the beautiful red color seems to suggest: come buy more (laughs!)


This is a cute picture from the official website: http://shop.lego.com/en-US/VIP
According to the website, VIP benefits include:

Points towards valuable rewards!
Watch your points balance grow with each LEGO purchase! Get a $5 reward for every 100 points earned!

Early access to exclusive LEGO sets!
As a LEGO VIP, you’ll have the opportunity to purchase exclusive sets before anyone else.

Members-only gifts and more!
VIPs enjoy access to special promotional gifts throughout the year.

Monthly promotions!
Earn bonus points on select LEGO sets every month, both online and in store.

10/26 Dear Diary/Fighter


10月26日に、両A面シングル「Dear Diary / Fighter」の発売が決定しました!

Dear Diary:映画『デスノート Light up the NEW world』主題歌
Fighter:映画『デスノート Light up the NEW world』劇中歌
Huluオリジナルドラマ「デスノート NEW GENERATION」主題歌

新曲「Dear Diary」「Fighter」が、10月29日(土)公開の映画「デスノート Light up the NEW world」主題歌&劇中歌に決定!また、「Fighter」は、Huluオリジナルドラマ「デスノート NEW GENERATION」(配信中)の主題歌としてもオンエア中。
主題歌「Dear Diary」は、ただ愛することや信じることが、世界に光を照らし、悲しみや痛みさえも強さや愛しさへと変えていく力を与えてくれるという真っ直ぐな想い を描いた壮大なバラードソング。劇中歌「Fighter」は、“愛するあなた”への想いを貫くために戦う“ファイター”でありたいという強い信念が込めら れたアグレッシブなダンスナンバー。
DVD には、「Dear Diary」MV と「Fighter」MV の計2曲を収録!

namie amuro LIVE STYLE 2016-2017

1. Dear Diary
映画『デスノート Light up the NEW world』主題歌
2. Fighter
映画『デスノート Light up the NEW world』劇中歌
Huluオリジナルドラマ「デスノート NEW GENERATION」主題歌
3. Dear Diary -Instrumental-
4. Fighter -Instrumental-

1. Dear Diary -Music Video-
2. Fighter -Music Video-



The fanspace site also updated. So pretty!