Ayu in Blu-ray

On April 20, 2011, Ayu had the RnRC Tour in her first Blu-ray release!

A3D Blu-ray is released on the same day, April 20, 2011.

On July 20, 2011, six past concert recordings have become available in Blu-ray format. CDL 2010-11 was supposed to be released on July 20, but was postponed to August 24 for production reasons.

This is probably one of the most wallet-damaging dates for Ayu fans. Another date is March 21, 2012, when Ayu released her past albums in PLAYBUTTON format. There are 18 of them, so the total amount exceeds buying all the 6 Blu-ray discs!

And yes, I am a proud Ayu fan, who has all the Blu-ray discs (and all the PLAYBUTTONS). If you haven’t seen Ayu’s concerts in Blu-ray, hurry up and get them all. The quality is amazing and you would never want to touch the DVDs.

On November 9, 2011, the world’s first Blu-ray music disc “FIVE” was released!

A list of Ayu’s Blu-ray releases:
2011/04/20 Rock’n’Roll Circus Tour Final ~7 days special~
2011/04/20 A3D Arena Tour 2009 ~NEXT LEVEL~
2011/07/20 Arena Tour 2006 ~(miss)understood~
2011/07/20 Countdown Live 2007-08 Anniversary
2011/07/20 Asia Tour 2008 ~10th Anniversary~ Live in Taipei
2011/07/20 Premium Countdown Live 2008-09
2011/07/20 Arena Tour 2009 ~NEXT LEVEL~
2011/07/20 Countdown Live 2009-10 ~Future Classics~
2011/08/24 Countdown Live 2010-11 ~do it again~
2011/11/09 FIVE Blu-ray
2012/01/01 A CLIP BOX 1998-2011
2012/03/21 ~POWER of MUSIC~ 2011 LIMITED EDITION
CDJapan Blu-ray Listings


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