3/21 Shopping & TA Lovely Photos

I woke up naturally at 5:30 am today, which is so strange because I usually sleep till 8:00 am. It is 7:30 pm in Japan, could it be I was mentally aware of this? But yesterday I decided not to wake up early and just order the ayupans later on. So I guess even unconsciously I am too hardcore as an ayupan collector (laughs)? Anyways, 無事に買う事ができて (*^^*)

Anyways, I have successfully ordered 14 ayupans, hoping to get all the 9 different ones. If not, let’s exchange with each other! Also, I must be crazy as I ordered another three PLAYBUTTONS. Just crazy, isn’t it? 😉

Just when I felt way too hardcore, I noticed these PLAYBUTTONS have been sold out at Amazon. Interestingly I ordered all these five, so maybe there are many other hardcore fans in Japan, and around the world, as well? Has everyone got his own PLAYBUTTON? (*^^*)

Then, I checked Ayu’s Twitter, and found that she’s updated TA and uploaded many photos that she’s done in the past couple of days! They are all amazing! Everyone hurry up and go to TA!! 😀

These two are stunning, and there is even one on the bed with Maro (aww so sweet, so sweet that I am not gonna spoil the romance here LOL). I really like this series of photos. There are many more of them, so everyone check them out at TA! 🙂


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