I received 8 PLAYBUTTONS in the mail today. I only opened RAINBOW. Listened to it, the sound quality is all right, no as bad as some people at AHS pointed out. I was wondering how to adjust the volume, and it is in fact written in the instruction (which is why I also took a picture of the instruction sheet, for everyone’s quick reference) 😀
Volume down: press the << backward bottom longer
Volume up: press the >> forward bottom longer


AT 2012 Goods Preview

TeamAyu is now updated with the AT 2012 goods preview. Not surprisingly, the goods feature leopard design again. The towels and bags are so similar to CDL 2011-12 ones. I like CDL towel design better, while the AT 2012 bag has better color choices (gray and pink are both cool). The strap and mirror seem all right. The “ayu cookie” is probably the most interesting item!

Sale begins at 19:00 on April 6 at mu-mo, which opens a special page available from 16:00 on April 2:

Party Queen Poster

Just saw these at Yahoo Auction. Kinda interesting. As for my order that was shipped back to Japan for no reason, I emailed Amazon, but their reply is so cold, only saying it will take more than a week to investigate. More than one week! Oh man, I can’t believe Amazon claims to be building the Earth’s most customer-centric company, their attitude is simply… so cold that it’s hard to believe. 😦


mu-mo finally changed the “now printing” pic to what Party Queen PLAYBUTTON looks like. That surely takes a while!

Amazon is also updated with a pic, but the resolution is kinda low. Speaking of which, my shopping experience with Amazon this time is so bad. For no reason my order was returned to shipper. A long wait, so sad.

By the way, mu-mo has temporarily put Party Queen PLAYBUTTON back for sale, while it is sold out at Amazon, HMV, and YesAsia. It seems most of the PLAYBUTTONS would be sold out soon:

Recall PoM Ayupans

It seems that mu-mo has shipped some of the ayupan orders!

This year, there is a plastic case for each ayupan (probably for the first time)! Here are the real items I saw at Yahoo Auction.

But according to many fans at Ameba, most people got these three kinds, no matter how many they bought. It seems that there were some problems mixing the different kinds of ayupans. Many people complained and felt upset, and mu-mo has put an announcement regarding the error and recall:

『ayumi hamasaki ~POWER of MUSIC~ 2011 A LIMITED EDITION』


Party Queen Interviews

ayu_19980408: 六本木にてYahooライブトーク。真剣に音楽を語り。

ayu_19980408: しゅやさんまだ顔面の様子おかしい。笑

Shuya is wearing the PLAYBUTTONS! I guess he is also holding one box, looks sooo tiny (and cute)! And oh, hope DHL delivers mine soon! It’s been a long wait…