Heart Nails

@ayu_19980408: Newハートネイル♡

@ayu_19980408: 次こそ‼と思いきや、今度はパピコさんの妨害作戦、、、

@ayu_19980408: Newハートネイルっ♡ ってアップしようとしたら、ノピさんの妨害、、、

Nopi-san is soooo cute. 😀 Ahhh today I went to see the dentist and had two cavity fillings. So scary! The drilling is so bumpy, like every tooth will be gone! And I am feeling so much pain now. 😦

According to TeamAyu, there will be 5 showings of TA Limited PREMIUM PREVIEW ~Party Queen~ on March 10. Selected members can view the 4 PVs and listen to the new songs! Such a cool event. Wish I were in Japan! 😦


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