Ayu x iPhone

ayumi hamasaki × iPhone 4 jacket set
¥13,500 (tax included) *3 types in one set

This collaboration between SoftBank SELECTION and ayu was born from Twitter in response to many fans who said they want an “ayu model iPhone cover.” These iPhone jacket covers are the result of a request to design a “ayu version for the iPhone 4” that SoftBank Group Chairman and CEO Masayoshi Son (@masason) made to ayu (@ayu_19980408). The iPhone 4 jacket comes in three designs: “A design,” which is based on the jacket ayu uses for her own iPhone; a “photo design” that features the main visual of the current Rock ‘n’ Roll Circus TOUR; and a “monogram design” with black monograms against a black matte. These three designs are available as a set sold in the A (logo) design box! Just as you change your clothes, you can change these iPhone jackets to suit your mood!

★ Concert venue sales: Sales will be limited to one set per customer per purchase.

At the time of the release, I haven’t started using iPhone and given the price is kinda high, I hesitated and didn’t purchase the set. But it turns out that I really want this set. Regardless I would probably keep it as a collectible and not use it. I really want to see the real item of the case, and found a pic (not sure if it’s fan-made or from this set):

This is very cool (*^^*) Hokie, I guess the set is too hard and too pricey to get anyway. Man, I am so tired from tonight’s dinner. I am gonna listen to a few songs in ayu-mi-x II Acoustic Orchestra and then go to bed. Sweet dreams!


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