Valentine’s Day

Ayu at work! Maybe this is in the UK, when she was working for the new album?

Can’t wait till March 21 ♡

Somehow feels very nostalgic, which is really cool!

The new album seems very promising! Also the pre-order sale is very good, at it constantly hits number one in the female solo section. 😀

Happy Valentine’s Day! I was so surprised this morning when I received a gift from Pittsburg! (*^^*)

Ayu’s tweets for Valentine’s Day:
ayu_19980408: Happy happy valentine’s dayだったなぁ~♪ みんなも、ほっこり過ごせたでしょ~かっ(*^^*)???

ayu_19980408: スタッフの皆にhanaBiチョコあげたぁ~♡ RT @TeamAyuChisato: @ayu_19980408 あゆ~!!あゆは誰にあげた?♡♡

ayu_19980408: では、締めくくりにうちの子供達にわんこ用バレンタインチョコあげてきま~す♡


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