Album Covers

Just woke up and found TA has been updated with the album covers! First of all, let me present the Party Queen box set! The goods are indeed half-pint glasses and coasters! (^.^)

CD+DVD+DVD cover got my eyes open! Ayu is so bold (and delicious)! By the way, seems like CDJapan’s info is pretty accurate, not only about the box set goods, but also about changing the CDL from 2 DVDs to just 1 DVD.

CD+DVD cover, very familiar right? I think it’s the picture Ayu used in her TA diary when promising there will be a life style book. Where is the book? 😛

CD only cover. Feels like the morning after last night’s party!

After so many bold covers, classy Ayu is back with this PoM Blu-ray! 😀 Now, can’t wait till March 21!


Heart Nails

@ayu_19980408: Newハートネイル♡

@ayu_19980408: 次こそ‼と思いきや、今度はパピコさんの妨害作戦、、、

@ayu_19980408: Newハートネイルっ♡ ってアップしようとしたら、ノピさんの妨害、、、

Nopi-san is soooo cute. 😀 Ahhh today I went to see the dentist and had two cavity fillings. So scary! The drilling is so bumpy, like every tooth will be gone! And I am feeling so much pain now. 😦

According to TeamAyu, there will be 5 showings of TA Limited PREMIUM PREVIEW ~Party Queen~ on March 10. Selected members can view the 4 PVs and listen to the new songs! Such a cool event. Wish I were in Japan! 😦

Smart Phone Calendar

[…] そんな浜崎あゆみから、新たにデジタルコンテンツ配信がされるとのニュースが届いた。既に発売されている2012年カレンダーとは違った表情が楽しめる 「ayumi hamasaki Mobile Calendar 2012」のスマートフォンで設定できる“ライブ壁紙”が【キセカエ♪mu-mo】にて独占配信スタート。2012年のカレンダーと言えば、浜崎あゆみと カメラマン LESLIE KEEの最強タッグが再び実現したもので、撮影されたのは10年前と同じNY。そんなスペシャルなカレンダーが携帯でも楽しむことができる。


ライブ壁紙 配信中

待受けFlash 配信中

Just found this article from PRTimes. Although I am not a fan of this year’s calendar, having Ayu’s photos as calendar backgrounds is pretty cool. 🙂

Awaiting Info

Since the announcement it’s been almost a month without further information. The wait is kinda long, and there is a lot of speculations at AHS. I admit I grow a little impatient, and kinda not sure why they announce the release so early, while having no information for a month. It’s also kinda special this time, as this is Ayu’s first studio album to have no physical single prior to its release (FIVE is a mini album so maybe that’s another story). I hope the album proves to be worth the wait. 🙂

We are still waiting for the following:
1) All three covers for Party Queen
2) Design and special goods for Party Queen box set
3) Final tracklist for Party Queen
4) Final list of PVs for Party Queen
5) Cover for POWER of MUSIC DVD and Blu-ray
6) Extra footage on POWER of MUSIC
7) Cover and price for Party Queen special photobook
8) Cover for LIFE STYLE BOOK
9) Design and cover for all the 18 PLAYBUTTONS

Just got this info from AHS. According to CDTV Album Express for March, the tracklist will be:
01. Party queen
02. NaNaNa
03. Shake It♥
04. taskebab
05. call
06. Letter
07. reminds me
08. Return Road
09. Tell me why
10. a cup of tea
11. the next LOVE
12. Eyes, Smoke, Magic
13. Serenade in A minor
14. how beautiful you are