CDL 2011-12

Unlike last year that I attended CDL 2010~11 at Yoyogi, this year I attended CDL 2011~12 through Ustream. It’s my first time watching Ayu live at Ustream!

Setlist ♪
01. do it again
02. Happening Here
xx. insomnia
03. MOON
04. fated
xx. feedback
06. sending mail
xx. machine
07. Sparkle
08. Humming 7/4 (Dec 29, Dec 31)
09. evolution (Dec 29, Dec 31)
10. flower garden (Dec 29, Dec 30)
11. RAINBOW (Countdown and Happy New Year)
12. November
xx. music
13. Ladies Night
14. Party queen (Happening Here short ver.)
15. Love song

16. how beautiful you are
17. Trauma~AUDIENCE (Trauma on Dec 30, Dec 31)
18. Boys & Girls
19. MY ALL

I love the opening clip, which really brings back all the memories of last year’s concert!

Descending from sky, do it again!! We can view the whole stage! 🙂

Happening Here is kinda cheesy, but fits into the HOTEL Love songs theme 😀

My favorite part of the concert: MOON and fated (*^^*)

Maybe the previous section is too great and touching, I find it less interesting to watch NEVER EVER and sending mail.

I am really happy that we have Sparkle, not so happy that we always have Humming 7/4 and evolution. And the outfit for these songs is the worst in my opinion 😦

Finally, we have RAINBOW, and the countdown to welcome the New Year!


With MOON, November is also my favorite in this CDL. Hope they will keep the water dance in the center for the upcoming Arena Tour! ^^

Ladies night~ The dancers on the ground somehow make me think of Moments in CDL 2009~10 (haha, so nostalgic) 😀

Party queen is, hmm kinda cheesy to me. But maybe that’s what it’s meant to be. Anyhow I prefer songs along the “Sparkle” lines. ^o^

Oh no, Love song is sooo weird being presented this way! O.o

Waiting for Encore is very exciting. Of course, we need to have Enrique and Yo-chan to lead us scream “ayu, ayu, ayu” (*^.^*)

Encore outfit is awesome. Absolutely love the T-shirt with gold star! 😀

Overall, I prefer last year’s CDL. I attended both dates on Dec 30 and Dec 31. Loved the center stage because Ayu is just soooo close to me. 😀 This year’s lacks a ‘WOW’ moment to me. Regardless I like MOON and November and think that they can be even greater in the Arena Tour! 🙂


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