Having waited for three days for Tenso to ship it by EMS, I got my HAPPY BOX (竹) this afternoon! Even though I woke up at 4am on December 26, 2011 to order this, I couldn’t get HAPPY BOX (松), as it was snapped in seconds.

I checked some blogs from Japanese fans who bought all three boxes (松竹梅). It seems that the major difference between the 9,500 yen box and 5,800 yen box is just a jumbo towel, a notebook, and/or a strap. The difference between the 5,800 yen box and 3,800 yen box is the latter does not have the T-shirt and bag, replaced by other smaller sundry articles. Anyway, I am pretty satisfied with what I got:

Coming with the HAPPY BOX is the POWER of MUSIC misanga. I am wearing it now, just like ayu! (*^^*)

In fact, this morning, I rushed downstairs thinking that it’s my HAPPY BOX, but received the A CLIP BOX 1998~2011 overseas version in the mail. Great addition to my Blu-ray limited version. 😉

Lovely ayu with duck! Very cawaii, so let’s use it to end this post! 😀


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